Mo's Monfrère was Founded by J. faiz

We all carry dreams of becoming a great and successful person. Greatness does not come from some exclusive selection process. It comes from taking action! You will not only find it in major accomplishments; you will find it in every little detail of how you live your life in style. It is about setting high aims. Not accepting defeat easily. And persevering even when others have quit.

When I started the brand I did not have any background in fashion, had no connections within the industry for guidance or support, and a limited budget to bring my collection to life. All I had was a passionate dream and a profound love for fashion. What once seemed like a distant dream of establishing a modern lifestyle brand has now transformed into a concrete plan.

Despite the challenges and hardships I faced, I managed to create high-quality items that serve as inspiration for a movement that pushes the boundaries of exploration and success.

My message to all individuals: ”Whoever you are, wherever you come from and wherever you live, you can be what you aspire to be”.

Join the movement and become a part of Mo’s Monfrère.

Mos monfrere in Parijs De Champs-Élysées

The story behind the brand logo

Life is like a labyrinth. There is just one entry point, several roads and exits. In any case, the achievement of success is certain. The path you choose to follow will determine how you get there.